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Is Your Water Heater Going Bad? Look For These 9 Signs

Of all standard home appliances, your water heater has one of the longest lifespans. That being said…you’ll still most likely need to replace your water heater at least once or twice in your time as a homeowner.

Several things can cause your water heater to fail: rust and corrosion, sediment build-up, incorrect water pressure, loose...

How to Fix a Flickering Light

When you notice a flickering light, do NOT delay looking into it. Sure, it MAY just be a simple bulb issue. But it could indicate a much bigger (and more dangerous) problem with your electrical system. 

The first step? Determine the root cause of the problem.

In this blog, we will discuss: 

  • Potential causes of your flickering...

Best Thermostat Setting For the Wilmington, NC Climate

Staying cool indoors AND saving money on electricity has become more difficult in recent years – especially after the record-high temperatures of summer 2023. And in hot, humid climates like in Wilmington, North Carolina, choosing the right thermostat setting can feel like a losing battle. 

You’re either saving energy and drenched...

6 Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Few things are more important for homeowner safety than prompt gas leak detection. If your HVAC goes out or your water heater stops working, you’ll be uncomfortable for a bit. But your health won’t be at risk like it will be if you have a gas leak. 

Whether you have a gas fireplace, gas water heater, or another kind of gas-powered...

Toilet Troubles: 5 Common Issues & Fixes

When you think about home DIY projects, toilet repairs are probably not the first that come to mind. However, basic toilet fixes are extremely valuable to have in your back pocket. 

That way, if your toilet DOES have an issue, you can quickly make the repairs without having to call a plumber for a relatively simple task.

In this blog,...

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