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At Odyssey Mechanical, we don’t take the heat or the cold lightly. We recognize the importance and challenge of keeping a home cool, warm, and comfortable year after year. Your heating and air conditioning system serves as both luxury and necessity, answering your expectations for efficiency, capacity, and longevity. As a significant investment, you should never settle for less or live with disappointment. By bringing extensive knowledge and practical experience to every project, Odyssey Mechanical offers informed recommendations and sensible solutions. By pairing top-of-the-line equipment with expert workmanship and a passion for the business, we ensure peak performance and lasting cooling power.

We handle the science, you enjoy the comfort!

Everyone recognizes that a good air conditioning system keeps your entire home at a consistent and pleasant temperature. There are, however, many more advantages to a whole-home cooling system. Modern units act as an effective dehumidifier. When relative humidity is kept within an ideal range, you’ll feel cooler at warmer temperatures, allowing higher thermostat settings and lower energy bills. Eliminating that sticky feeling also promotes productivity, reduces fatigue, and promotes better sleep. While excess moisture encourages mold, bacteria, and insects, cool, dry air significantly cuts down on the number of dust mites, allergens, and wards off cockroaches. Learn More About Optimizing Your Home Climate.

Have you considered upgrading to variable capacity?

Variable-speed technology allows more energy saving potential and improved comfort levels throughout the home. The ability of the system to automatically adjust speeds according to the needs of the home ensures the right amount of comfort control, right when you need it. Outside temperatures rarely, if ever, require your HVAC system to operate at 100% capacity. Variable-speed units determine optimal cooling needs and vary speeds in increments between 40% and 100%. Not only does this tailor comfort, but by running at lower speeds and consuming less power, you’ll save a significant amount on monthly utility expenses.

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